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(Community Webinar) XDR : A Holistic View Through Security Analytics – Across Endpoint, Network And Cloud

Date: 14 March, (Tuesday), 2023

Time: 4PM (IST)


Soumya Biswas

Soumya Biswas,

(ITIL, Blockchain), Manager - IT Security,



Debajyoti Das

Debajyoti Das ,

Security Researcher & Ethical Hacker,


Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions are designed to provide automated threat detection and response through data visibility and the use of threat intelligence and data analytics. XDR collects activity data from multiple vectors including endpoints, servers, and networks. In this session, we aim to understand the fundamentals; Endpoint solutions vs XDR; Implementation experience, challenges; post implementation feedback, outcome vs expectation, use cases; MDR vs human skills


Keypoints : 

  • What is EDR, XDR
  • Endpoint solutions vs XDR
  • Implementation experience , challenges
  • Post implementation feedback, outcome vs expectation, use cases
  • MDR vs human skills



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