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(Can't Google It | Best Of The World) Gordon Rudd (Ex-CISO RCB Bank | Author | Coach) On "How To Create Scalable And Sustainable Cybersecurity Program For Any Size Organization" | CISO Session

Date: 30 May, (Tuesday), 2023

Time: 12:30PM (EST) 9:30AM (PST) | 10PM (IST)



Gordon Rudd,

Ex-CISO RCB Bank | Author | Coach


It’s extremely difficult to adequately secure a SMB (small-to-medium-business) in a manner that is both scalable and sustainable. This session will give insight into how to secure a company that is growing, and five areas of excellence cybersecurity professional can focus on for successful defensive strategies. Needs to know about scalability and sustainability inside a growing business. Cybersecurity risk management is not an optional extra today. It’s a must have for every organization. The size of the prize (what we’re securing from bad actors) today is enormous. We will learn how to develop scalable, sustainable cybersecurity for any size organization from small mom & pop shops to Fortune 50 companies. How to use a CMMI model to help find a place to begin and the operational tactics required to be an effective CISO.


Keypoints : 

  • Understand the relationship between the cybersecurity and IT Operations
  • Assess organizational cybersecurity, GRC & operational readiness
  • Successfully communicate with the C-Suite and the Board on the state of cybersecurity in the organization
  • Identify and focus on the top five areas needed in building real world cyber defenses


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